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WISP provides high speed internet using point-to-point antenna connections. Our 5G technology delivers speeds that are extremely fast and easy to install, providing a cost competitive advantage over traditional ISPs.

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Disrupting traditional telecom companies by providing high quality, high speed, low-cost wireless internet service for business, cities, schools, churches and multi-unit residential.

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Internet & VoIP Provider of Southern California

Cut the cable! High speed internet delivered to you home or business at a low price.

WISP is a leading wireless internet service provider of AirFiber, 5G fast internet connection speeds and voice services.

Proudly Serving Orange County

Since 2016


Dedicated internet Plans starting at 50Mbps up to 1Gbps. Speeds are synchronous so that upload and download are equally fast.

Dedicated IP addresses available for unrestricted port access.

Routers come with optional WiFi broadcast and WiFi Lan.

Telephone lines (VoIP) and analog phone system support.


Internet & VoIP Provider of Southern California

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